NACIS 2009 Opening up

So at the AAG Conference last year, we ran an  OSGeo booth. Some representative from North American Cartographic Information Society ( NACIS) approached and invited us to their conference.(It wasn't the 1st time after one of my talks on FOSS previously I had been asked).

Now the important part, the California Chapter gave a 50 minute, 4 app demo at the NACIS "Practical Cartography Day" to an audience of 150.  Details Take home message - Cartographers want good svg output.

Notes from the rest of the conference, "Open" was actually mentioned a lot. Here's a rough breakdown of the frequency of relevant topics(In presentations):

  • Postgis ++
  • OpenLayers(not by name but showed up in slides and on demo sites) +++
  • mapnik ++
  • GDAL +
  • Modestmaps
  • php +++
  • OpenSource +++++(Even ESRI)
  • Python +++
  • OpenStreetmap ++++
  • Flash/Flex +++++++
  • OGC +
  • Inkscape +
  • GIMP +
  • WMS +

(Maybe I'll post a plot when I get chance)

Next post: Some new public domain datasets people are going to want to get their hands on...


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