GPT Booting with Ubuntu

So if you buy a 3 TB drive (or anything bigger than 2TB) and want to use it as the primary drive for your machine you will need to use a GPT paritioning system instead of the classic MBR.

Here's a couple of tricks/tips which should help:

  • You need to be using an OS that has GRUB2
  • When partitioning, the 1st partition should be a 1 MB section with the bios_grub flag (recent versions of the Ubuntu installer, at least 11.04 has this option, 10.04 I had to set if with a Live disc and parted)
  • When you get to the install GRUB question, if you happen to be installing to something other than /dev/sda say no, and then it will ask you which drive or partition to install to.


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