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Free and Open Source Tools for GPS Data Management and Analysis

Here's a copy of the poster I did for  AAG 2011 meeting. It's part of my master's thesis on Geoinformatic techniques for dealing with GPS telemetry data using an Open Source stack.


  • Python
  • Spatialite (SQLite)
  • QGIS
  • R

See the attached pdf which was created in latex using Beamer and the Beamerposter packages.

Open Source Mapping Workflow

This quarter some students and professors got together to reinvent/recreate/re-instigate  Cartography at UC Davis. While this isn't my first Cartography course it's been a bit more realistic in terms of applying the ideas to making maps.

Below is an example of mine, showing the possibilities of an Open Source cartographic workflow. I used  Spatialite to crunch the data,  QGIS to prep and  Inkscape to Polish.

It's a semi-ficticous map showing major air routes that cross the Arctic Circle using data from and a background map from

I'll link to the full pdf later. Creative Commons license in the footer applies.

Installing Sqlite 3.6.x on Ubuntu Intrepid

I needed sqlite 3.6 or newer for an application I'm working on but Ubuntu Intrepid has 3.5.9, specifically for Rtree spatial indexes. (In order to build and use  Spatialite.

After weighing my options and doing a little research I noticed that the Jaunty packages barely have any dependencies and they are already met by Intrepid.

So I downloaded:

Steps to follow:

  1. Uninstall libsqlite3-dev 3.5.9
  2. Install libsqlite3 3.6.10
  3. Install libsqlite3-dev 3.6.10
  4. Install sqlite3 3.6.10

To test with python(happens to be what I'm developing with)

from pysqlite2 import dpapi2 as sqlite3
print sqlite3.sqlite_version