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SQLite and ODBC for Data Entry

The one downside of all the good database systems is the lack of an easy tool for entering data, especially coding in data off of hand written field forms.

I recently revisited the idea of using Open Office Base or Access as a front end to better databases. In this particular case due the number of issues and my familiarity I got Access working, I plan to go back and also get OOo working next chance I get and taking over my friends windows box (The data entry is for her anyways).

Tools: sqlite-odbc driver (I tested it on Windows and Linux) An ODBC client: Access, Excel, Open Office Base, Calc


  1. All your tables must have a primary key declared.
    1. If you don't have one it's real quick using the Firefox SQL Manager to fix that, however you have to make new tables), something like this.
      CREATE TABLE NewData (pk INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, Afield, someotherfield);
      INSERT INTO NewData (Afield,someotherfield) SELECT * FROM Data;
      DROP TABLE Data;
  2. Declaring field types as TEXT, Access will import them as blobs if you do and this makes linking the tables difficult. Just drop the type.
  3. The Relationship tool in Access and Open Office are useless with linked-tables in this case. OO tells you so, Access doens't.
    1. To get around this I created nested forms each based on 1 table. When inserting a nested table into another I built in the relationship to the form so that for every record in the parent child records would be matched automatically.

More details to come soon...

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