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Inkscape to Scribus to PDF document production: How to make a flyer

It's comes up quite often that I need a flyer for this or that. Just a few pages, sometime quarter, third or half sheets for putting up around campus for people to see. Once you do a few though, it often happens that you just need the same thing again later with a few minor variations. Sure you could just do it all in one application, but when not doing full pages then you have to keep messing with duplicating your information 2-4 times on the same in a way that lines up well with being cut.

This is where layout comes in handy, more specifically I use  Scribus. The idea here is make one image and then replicate it multiple times across a page all at once evenly. Well that and make a high resolution ready to print PDF.

So start by making your image/item. In this case I don't have a ton of text and it's kinda free float style (not paragraph) so I used  Inkscape, well that and it's the format the flyer was originally given to me in. Had there been more text I would have started with  OpenOffice, done the graphics in Inkscape or Gimp and done 100% of the layout in Scribus.

After writing the text, changing and scaling fonts, putting in the image, adjusting transparencies and background colors it's now time to export the image. From Inkscape particularly exporting to bitmap(png) gives you the chance to specify you dpi and ensure it will show up correctly when you insert it in to other documents. For printing I usually use 300dpi, and in this case to cut out dealing with margins only exported the drawing, not the page.

In Scribus:

  1. Now I set a guide to split the page in 1/2.
  2. Turn on guide snapping and grid snaping.
  3. Draw an image box, snapping it to the guides.
  4. Get picture, grab the png export
  5. Duplicate(copy) and snap a second one onto the bottom 1/2
  6. PDF export, no compression

And walla, the next Linux User's Group of Davis Installfest flyer is done.

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