Posts for the month of October 2009

NACIS 2009 Opening up

So at the AAG Conference last year, we ran an  OSGeo booth. Some representative from North American Cartographic Information Society ( NACIS) approached and invited us to their conference.(It wasn't the 1st time after one of my talks on FOSS previously I had been asked).

Now the important part, the California Chapter gave a 50 minute, 4 app demo at the NACIS "Practical Cartography Day" to an audience of 150.  Details Take home message - Cartographers want good svg output.

Notes from the rest of the conference, "Open" was actually mentioned a lot. Here's a rough breakdown of the frequency of relevant topics(In presentations):

  • Postgis ++
  • OpenLayers(not by name but showed up in slides and on demo sites) +++
  • mapnik ++
  • GDAL +
  • Modestmaps
  • php +++
  • OpenSource +++++(Even ESRI)
  • Python +++
  • OpenStreetmap ++++
  • Flash/Flex +++++++
  • OGC +
  • Inkscape +
  • GIMP +
  • WMS +

(Maybe I'll post a plot when I get chance)

Next post: Some new public domain datasets people are going to want to get their hands on...