Posts for the month of January 2009

Grass Syntax Hints

Short Story

 GRASS GIS command line syntax can be a little tricky and none of the graphical interfaces seem to make it easy because there's always some option you need that isn't on the GUI.

Importing a shapefile dsn=/path/to/folder/ layer=nameofshp output=giveitaname

notes: don't put .shp on the layer name, If it complains about not being the right projection but you know it is add a -o (no that's not a zero)

Long Story

I was testing out  QGIS 1.0 and the grass toolbox was having issues, without giving me an useful error message to work from.

So I compiled the latest grass release (6.4 RC2) and tried the new wxpython interface which also failed.

Lucky for me the good ol command line worked once I gave it all the info it wanted in the proper syntax.